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Senate Bill 620

This bill creates s. 70.91, F.S., to create a cause of action for a business that has been operating for at least 3 years to recover business damages from a county or municipality who enacts or amends an ordinance or charter provision that causes a 15 percent or greater loss of profit as applied on a per location basis of a business operated within the jurisdiction. The amount of business damages can be established by any reasonable method, but the amount of business damages that may be recovered by a business may not exceed the present value of seven years’ lost profits or an amount equal to the business’ gross receipts for the 60 months preceding the date of enactment of or amendment to the ordinance or charter provision if the ordinance or charter will cause a total loss of profit. Unlike the three forms of recovery for government actions described above, this new cause of action is not tied to real property ownership.

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