My Puppy, My Choice is a campaign that was started to inform the public of a movement by animal activists and extremists aimed at taking away your right to obtain a pet from a place of your choosing.

Activists current agenda is to get cities, counties, and in a few cases States, to ban the selling of puppies, kittens and rabbits at ALL pet stores, no matter how well operated the store is.

My Puppy, My Choice does not, in any way, support or condone any entity (breeder, pet store, rescue or individual owner) that does not place priority on the health and well-being of the animals in their care.

What we do support, and advocate for, is the fair regulation of any pet store, rescue or shelter that houses live animals while that animal is waiting to find it’s forever home. This is the only way to safely and effectively weed out the group(s) that might be acting in less than a professional manner.

What we hope to accomplish with the My Puppy, My Choice campaign is to create a CALL-TO-ACTION and get citizens involved in alerting your local and state representatives that you support fair regulation and oversight of pet stores, rescues, breeders and shelters, but do NOT support the banning of any law-abiding business.

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We hope you will support our efforts to educate and inform the public of our My Puppy, My Choice campaign by clicking on the “Call to Action” icon and sending an email to your local and state representatives to let them hear your voice. Please also feel free to look through our website to gain knowledge and insight on some of the topics that make this campaign so important.

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